Designing the future of circular fashion

We believe sustainability is the new creativity, inspiring new ideas, paths, and innovation. This design philosophy guides our effort to reach 100% of materials from regenerative & responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled sources by 2030 through four strategic pillars: circularity, durability, traceability, and better-sourced materials.


The fashion world has a problem: waste. In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we have embarked on a radical journey to re-think and re-design the way we make clothes.

The pinnacle expression of this approach is Circular Series, a range of fully recyclable, Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold styles “made to be made again” by using only one material to simplify the recycling process.

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We strive to extend our designs' lifespan as much as possible and to cut waste by encouraging a slower approach to fashion.

Our commitment guides our choice of performance-driven, premium materials such as Cordura® to create durable outerwear and accessories.

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What happens along our supply chain is ultimately what can teach us where and how we need to improve and where we are doing it right.

Through traceability, we can keep working to create our products in an ethical and sustainable manner.

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Better-sourced materials

Using regenerative materials with a lower environmental impact is at the forefront of our sustainability efforts.

48% of Spring/Summer '24's pieces are born from sustainable materials, an important leap from the 17% achieved just one season prior.

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Responsibly Grown Cotton

As part of our dedication to better-sourced materials, a significant focus in SS24 has been enhancing our range of responsibly grown cotton. We've made strides in offering Good Earth Cotton®, organically grown cotton, and recycled cotton across the whole collection.

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