Fully traceable and sustainable wool

FW21 F/W collection continues to choose future with our selection of winter classics made with NATIVA™ wool, a completely traceable and sustainable merino wool produced in Patagonia. From monochrome turtlenecks to jacquard knits, these sweaters have been created respecting the animals, the land, and the farmers who provided us with their precious fiber.

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NATIVA™ wool:
Choose blockchain

From the farm where the wool is sourced, to the weaving factory where the fabric is created, blockchain technology safely gathers information and connects all the people and processes involved in creating our sweaters, making sure that each step is completed in keeping with the NATIVA™ protocol standards. Much more than a buzzword for technicians, blockchain is what allows complete transparency over the supply chain of our sweaters.


Where the wool is sourced


Where the wool top is combed


Where the wool is spun

and Knitting

Where the Damavand's fabric is created

From Farm to Consumer,
via QR Code

Transparency in the supply chain means we can truly show the journey of Damavand's wool to our customers. Scan the QR code on the Damavand hangtag to to visualize each step of the production process.