The Napapijri Northfarer

You say anorak, we say Napapijri: for almost 35 years, we have been experimenting with this iconic shape and turned it into our most recognisable look.

What is the Northfarer Napapijri jacket?

Northfarer is an anorak born and shaped by the outdoors that carries in his cut the outline of Mont Blanc and that, through design, sustainability, and innovation, can take the spirit of nature everywhere, from the wildest environment to the most urban one.

With Northfarer, we revisit the timeless cut that has turned Napapijri into a brand famous across the world for its expertise in creating contemporary anoraks built on Nordic expertise and an original sense of fashion. To create Northfarer, we took the anorak’s traditional shape and injected it with new life and a new, streamlined design that transports this classic into the future. Its hyper-structured cut and essential lines elevate this outerwear classic to a sleek urban jacket made in premium materials for an all-around performance - it is water-resistant, windproof and PFC-free.

The next evolution of the Anorak

The term “anorak” comes from the Kalaalisut word ‘anoraq’ and refers to a traditional pull-over garment made of animal skin.

In 1990, Napapijri was three years old and venturing into the world of outerwear with its first jacket. True to our passion for Nordic design, we borrowed the anorak shape from the expertise of early Greenlandic Inuit Eskimo to create a windproof and waterproof jacket with a contemporary character.

This is why the anorak is an iconic garment for Napapijri, and our relationship with it is ever-evolving. Our first anorak, the Skidoo, offers warmth and durability thanks to its down-free Thermo-Fibre™ padding insulation, critically taped seams and adjustable waist, hem and cuffs.

This jacket has stood the test of time and transformed into a brand icon. Over time, we adapted the Skidoo into many different styles that all now have a part in the Napapijri collection; from fully waterproof pullover half-zip anoraks, full-zip parkas and fashion coats, all hooded and packed with high-performance, down-free insulation to keep the cold winter air away. 

Next, we developed the Rainforest, a lightweight version of the iconic Skidoo suitable for both outdoor explorers and urban dwellers. Made from lightweight polyamide, a man-made fabric with supreme performance when it comes to durability, warmth, water resistance, washability, colour take-up and finish, the Rainforest adapted Skidoo principles into a new generation. 

And now, we have the Northfarer. Its hyper-structured silhouette and double-zip neck are directly inspired by the outline of Mont Blanc, while the essential lines elevate this outerwear classic cut to a sleek urban jacket made in premium, extra-light Cordura® for an all-around performance. Not only is its shape an homage to our origins, but its fabric is part of the history of outerwear. Northfarer's journey tells the story of a jacket born and shaped by the outdoors, an anorak that can take the spirit of nature everywhere, from the wildest environment to the most urban one.

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